Alliance Office Interior Design

With 27 years of experience and extensive expertise in the design and manufacturing of anatomically-correct seating solutions, A.D.I. reshapes the office chair from the perspective of present realities. Since desk-based office employees are currently spending a high amount of time sitting – often in continuous bouts – their chairs must be able to sustain their needs and requirements. All office seating collections, whether designed to be used by executives, employees, or visitors, integrate the physical and aesthetic considerations of engineering ergonomics, enabling the user to feel rested and relaxed after prolonged sitting.

A.D.I.’s “Wave,” “Sensaflex,” “Malla,” and the remaining 22 families of chairs reflect the company’s understanding of the evolution of office chairs from simple sitting devices to powerful office tools with a key role in workers’ productivity and long-term wellbeing. No longer is the workplace a static environment – the fluidity and mobility of today’s office require versatile and comfortable seating with a science-based and sustainable design. Customizable design, advanced seat adjustment options, breathable materials, and a wide variety of styles and colors make A.D.I. office chairs the ideal solution for high-performance workers.


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