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Allseating Inertia Upholstered Back Task Midback Office Chair
Posted By: Lynne Lemieux


With a square, modern shape, silver accents and a thin profile, Inertia Upholstered provides maximum comfort, support and sleek design.

Allseating Inertia Upholstered Back Task Midback office chair

The Inertia Upholstered mid back office task chair by Allseating strikes the perfect balance between function and fashion.

It is available in Executive, Conference, Task, Side and Stool option in a range of fabrics. The upholstery on the back accommodates formal and informal gatherings and workspaces.

All of the Inertia task chairs fit in well with the budget conscious client while still allowing comfort and flexibility. I use this chair in conference rooms, workstations, home offices, reception areas and just about anywhere an individual needs a comfortable and affordable sit.