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Allseating Multistack Writing Tablet Chair
Posted By: Lynne Lemieux


Multistack with a writing tablet is ideally suited for your classroom and training needs. The molded back provides continuous support, and the perforated design maximizes airflow. This is a very sturdy side chair that is stacked with benefits. Available in a wide range of shell and frame finishes, it cleverly combines comfort, style and affordability.

Allseating Multistack Writing Tablet Chair

I have literally seen a man jumping up and down on the tablet of this chair. That is how durable and heavy duty the Allseating Multi stack Writing Tablet chair really is. This can also be made with or without arms as well. The basket in the bottom is optional.

This multi stack writing tablet chair goes well in school classrooms, universities, colleges and training centers because it is not easy to pick up or throw around. This is an incredibly solid stacking chair.

The Allseating Multistack Writing tablet chair works well in Fire Departments, Police Departments, Military, and in any place where heavy duty seating is called for.