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Artopex Custom Metal File Cabinets
Posted By: Lynne Lemieux


This Artopex makes a range of metal storage cabinets that can be customized to suit your requirements and needs

The artopex metal custom storage cabinets can be configured with drawers that can accomodate working drawings, data disks, fabric samples, cd;s. These cabinets work well for businesses such as architects, engineers, designers, doctors dentists to mention a few.

It is important who you choose to help you make the right choice. Lynne Lemieux has the experience to assist you with all your filing needs.

Artopex Metal Storage Cabinets

I recommend the Artopex storage cabinets as a highly functional addition to any business where specialty storage needs are required.

Unlike many manufactures of metal file storage units, Artopex carries a lifetime warranty. These cabinets are offered in a wide arrangement of enamel and metallic paint finishes, this satisfies both function and esthetic appeal to any design project or office renovation.

I have put Artopex metal storage cabinets in every office that I furnish. The Canadian made quality and lifetime warranty ensure my clients that they have made a wise investment.

Give me a call so that I can help you with your Artopex Storage Cabinet needs!