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Artopex Genius Training Tables
Posted By: Lynne Lemieux


The Genius Training Tables are available with fixed-top or flip-top surfaces. With casters or leveler footings, and different style of legs. the tables are easily reconfigured or stay solidly in place for permanent installations. In storage position, flip-top tables nest together to occupy a minimum of space due to the unique interlocking leg system.

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Artopex Genius TrainingTables

Here we have a typical school setting featuring the flip down doors for wire management.

Artopex Genius Training tables can be custom made to suit whatever environment you have. I use the Genius training tables in schools and universities, call centers, training rooms and meeting rooms.

Artopex Genius training tables are custom made to suit your specific needs.

Artopex Genius Training tables are Canadian made and carry a lifetime warranty so they are well worth the investment.

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