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Artopex Half Circle Reception Desk
Posted By: Lynne Lemieux


  • The Artopex Reception Collection includes three styles – RC1, RC2, RC3 – each with their own specific design and choice of materials and finishes.Regardless of the style chosen, it is sure to impress visitors while being functional for the user.

    It is important who you choose to help you with your choice. Lynne Lemieux has the experience to make sure you choose the right reception desk for your business.

    Artopex Reception Desks

    Here we have a circular Artopex reception desk that is very popular for smaller areas.

    I have put this Artopex reception desk in hair salons, esthetician boutiques, car dealerships, retail stores and businesses that want to have a sophisticated image with an affordable price tag.

    You can rest easy knowing that the Artopex reception desks are Canadian made and carries a lifetime warranty.

    Give me a call so that I can help you with your needs.