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Artopex Lateral Metal Storage Cabinets
Posted By: Lynne Lemieux


Displayed here is a variety of Artopex metal storage lateral file cabinets.

These can be used with the Noki combination file locking system. This system is similar to a combination lock.

It operates electronically using either AC or DC power. The system is also available with keys.

Available in various heights, up to six drawers high, in various widths from 30 to 42 inches.

It is important what office furniture dealer you choose to help you with your purchase. Lynne Lemieux with Alliance Interiors Inc. is available to assist you.

The Artopex Lateral Metal Storage Cabinets

The Artopex NOKI locking system is very unique with the Artopex Lateral Metal Storage Cabinets and can save time and money when changing staff, or when an employee leaves the company.

This NOKI system that goes into the Artopex lateral Metal File cabinets is ideal for protecting your documents, making it a must for doctors, lawyers, accountants, human resource, and any other end user where information and privacy is crucial.

Here we have a variety of Artopex Lateral Metal Storage Cabinets in various heights.

These Canadian made metal file cabinets carry a lifetime warranty to ensure you enjoy your purchase.

Give me a call so that I can assist you with your filing requirements.