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Artopex Metal Bookcases
Posted By: Lynne Lemieux


Shown here are four Artopex metal bookcases in various heights. These are shown in 2, 3, and 4, adjustable shelves. These are also available with optional perforated shelves, to house regular and legal size documents.

Artopex metal bookecases are available in 30, 36 and 42 inch widths. These are available in 27, 40, 53, 65 and 77 inch heights.

The Artopex Metal Bookcases are available in enamel and metallic paint finishes.

Artopex Metal Bookcases

Although today’s office is quickly converting over to computer storage, the necessity for Artopex metal bookcase storage units are still required to handle heavy reference manuals, catalogues, books, and can be used in displays.

I particularly like the fact that with Artopex metal bookcases, there is no chance of your shelves bowing like many laminate bookcases. You will only buy these once. The quality is exceptional.

Put the Artopex bookcases back to back or use them to separate space. Artopex metal bookcases are a very good value and useful in any area.

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