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Artopex Personal Office Storage Units
Posted By: Lynne Lemieux


Shown here is another of Artopex’s office mixed storage solutions. Starting from the left we have a unit featuring a combination bookcase (top) and vertical file drawers (bottom) and a closed door wardrobe unit on right.

These personal metal storage units fit well in any office environment. They make use of valuable vertical space, personalizing employees space while providing security for personal belongings.

Standard sizes starting 65 inches in height but can be designed to custom fit your specific office needs in any configuration

Personal office storage units.

I recommend Artopex storage units to personalize office space. They are the perfect solution to maximize employee efficiencies while using valuable vertical space.

Having documents and manuals filed away neatly in an Artopex storage unit leaves a clean and organized office environment promoting office productivity. The metal wardrobe storage unit with bookcase and filing unit is a very popular item with Artopex users. The quality is exceptional. Canadian made as well with a lifetime warranty.

I like to use these units where space is at a premium in enclosed offices or open areas.

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