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Designing an effective home office is exciting because it offers an opportunity for comfort,  efficiency and ergonomics.

If a home office is designed too casually, it may seriously impede the ability to get things done.

Before we move forward with a home office design, we need to carefully access the routine functions you have day to day.

You need a plan for the right equipment, office furniture and operating space. This is very important to establish a proper home office design layout.

We access your storage and space requirements, office furniture needs,  lighting and proper ergonomic task seating for your health and safety.

We can help you achieve a proper home office design to bring a home work environment to you that is productive, esthetically pleasing and comfortable.

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Lynne Lemieux – President
Alliance Interiors Inc.

With the home office becoming a primary part of our day to day lives, it is important that your home office be an extension of yourself.

Your home office design should afford focus rather than distraction and be a place where you want to be and will positively influence you to enhance the work you do there.

Here we have a simple yet functional setting. We have placed the “Freedom” ergonomic task chair from Humanscale, a proper task light and ergonomic keyboard both from Humanscale.

The user has an esthetically pleasing yet safe and comfortable home office layout.

Each individual user is different and we carry a selection of office furniture and ergonomic task chairs to suit your budget and style.

Lets get started so we can help you achieve the perfect home office design for you.



Alliance Business and Office Interior Services

Office Interior Design services helps  provide a safe and productive work environment for staff.

Designing an effective home office is exciting because it offers an opportunity for comfort, efficiency and ergonomics.

Alliance Interiors provides cost-effective corporate office moving and move co-ordination services.

The designer creates a space plan that is functional, budget conscious and aesthetically pleasing.

Office Space Planning is designed to help companies to arrange office layouts that helps staff work in departmental and team groupings.

We assist you with developing office furniture standards that meet the needs of your organization and help you to streamline your buying practices.