Alliance Office Interior Design

With more than 30 years of experience in the task chair industry and an impeccable reputation, Allseating is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of ergonomic office furniture. Founded on the belief that the work space is no more about furniture, storage, and technology than it is about people, and how they interact with all these elements, the entire Allseating offer blends the latest technological advancements and ergonomic engineering. As an advocate of green and sustainable alternatives to manufacturing, Allseating has also applied its eco-design expertise to create innovative products while reducing greenhouse emissions and waste.

From seats that move with every shift of the body to pieces that maximize blood circulation by not obstructing any of the body’s natural moves, Allseating’s entire breadth spans everything related to a pain-free way of working. Most of their task chairs are award-winning pieces designed to fit any work environment, built with adaptability and high responsiveness in mind. Some of the most popular products include chairs from the Fluid collection, featuring streamlined and sleek design combined with breathable materials, and the Chiroform pieces, whose fully-contoured double-curve backrest and durable frame allow for the accommodation of users of any build and height.