Alliance Office Interior Design

Along with furniture, technology, and décor, lighting is an essential aspect of the workplace life, impacting the environment, employees’ wellbeing, and overall company productivity just as much as the rest. Good lighting reduces the risk of health disorders, increases safety, and enhances performance – the challenge is to achieve the optimal control of light transmission in order to accommodate building occupant preferences without compromising daylighting performance.

SunProject’s interior roller shades have been improved over the course of many years to maintain preferred levels of natural daylight while reducing solar heat gains and energy consumption. Their technically-advanced shading systems Moduline®, Deko®, and Tekno® are extremely adaptable and suitable to a wide range of commercial environments where glare and light transmission need to be controlled. On top of the widely-recognized versatility and high performance of SunProject’s shading products featuring quality materials and flexible control options, they also have the potential for powerful aesthetic impact. The company’s offer also includes various PVC-free sun control shading materials and fabrics to match the style and aesthetic requirements of any professional environment.