Alliance Office Interior Design

Artopex was established in 1980 with the objective of making life better at work. Inspired by practicality and committed to understanding and responding to the needs of its customers, Artopex’s office furniture solutions – modular, freestanding, collaborative – are adaptable and meet all the requirements of a modern workspace.

Reflecting both workers’ personality and their individual work style, the “Time” or the “Downtown” collections provide a superior range of color, material, and style options, as well as a simple and beautiful design. The award-winning, ergonomic seating, whether designed for executive, multitask, visitor, or lounge use, adapt to unique body types and heights, encouraging a natural and correct posture that reduces stress and strain and increases work performance.

What propelled the family-owned company to the forefront of the office furniture design industry is its ambitious vision about collaboration – the concept that dominates the 21st century work environment. No more a segmented activity conducted in designated areas, collaboration can occur in many different places: at shared workstations, in lounges, in hallways, or in meeting rooms. With its collection of modular and comfortable pieces that include desks, chairs, storage, panel systems, and accessories that enable employees to work in a variety of settings, Artopex is helping redefine the way people collaborate in a constantly-connected world.