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Saddle and Pony Saddle Stools – Humanscale
Posted By: Lynne Lemieux


The Saddle and Pony Saddle seats, part of Humanscale’s award-winning Freedom seating line, are the most comfortable and versatile stools ever made. The original Saddle and the more compact Pony Saddle accommodate comfortable seating in countless applications. These stools encourage you to sit in a saddle posture, which lowers the thighs, opens up the hips and puts the spine into a healthy lordotic curve. The stools are ideal for shorter term sitting—or even for getting your feet up off the ground by using it as an ottoman

Saddle and Pony Saddle Stools – Humanscale

The Saddle and Pony stools from Humanscale are extremely comfortable because they take the pressure off the spine, forcing the user to sit in a healthier position. The Saddle and Pony Stools can be used in research laboratories, doctors offices, clinics, hospitals, dentist offices, optometrists, universities, factories and virtually any area that requires short term seating.

The Saddle and Pony stools from Humanscale fit in just about any area where space is tight. These stools gives users the feeling of sitting in a saddle and comes with a gas lift and casters for either carpet or flooring. I put them in labs, doctors and dentists offices, optometrist offices, estheticians and clinics of all kinds.

The stools carry a lifetime warranty and there is a variety of fabrics and finishes to suit the users tastes and budget requirements.